What is an equation?


Equation in maths involve the idea of equality, most of our peer define an equation like a statement that imply two expression are equal; an example could be : two time x plus 3 is equal to 12

which is translate is mathematical language by : 2x + 3 = 12
where x is an unknown value

an equation always prompt the need of an answer that is why mathstructure tend to define an equation like a question over an equality. is there any value (or values) representing by x or any other variable such two expression are equal? Such value(s) of x might exist or not; sometimes any value of x can be the answer.

our example above is a linear equation : 2x + 3 = 12

solving it involve understand how it was build and go in reverse mode trying to destoy the structure in order to get x

i)The last operation to get 12 was adding 3 we undo this by substraction 3. we have to substract 3 in both side to make it work since two equal value would not stay the same if we operate on one side only ( 12 - 3 =/ 12)
to respect this rule we end up to the new equality below :

  • 2x +3-3 = 12 - 3
  • 2x = 9ii)moving in reverse mode again the operation that follow adding 3 was multplying by 2 to undo this operation we will divide by 2 ( again this operation should affect both side to keep our equality)2/2 x = 9/2
    x = 4.5
    to sum up; lets understand that not all structure of an equation would always be that easy; that is why is important to understand first how the structure is build; in order to go in reverse mode and destroy this structure to get the final block of the building which is x. Understand these structure of these equation involve the understanding of priority in operating over the number as well as the combination of like term.
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