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if your are looking for help with math you come to the right place

Get math tutoring while staying at your home by professional math tutor with over 11 years tutoring experience !

I have a very easy going style of tutoring, and am able to make even difficult math seen easy

I can provide tutoring for arithmetic, algebra, geometry (non-proofs), calculus, trigonometry, finite math, State High School Math Tests, and for the Mathematics/Quantitative portion of the following Standardized Tests: SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, GED, and ASVAB. I can also provide help for most College Admission "Math Readiness" Tests.


• You need to contact me through the contact us section for detail about the specific chapter you need help.

• Be sure you have a working webcam (audio AND video) on your PC.

• When ready, we can do a free test that last only a few minutes in my classroom so you can see what it is like. we would be sharing the same board where you would be able to interact with me. to get access to audio you can add my skype account under djonydeep or we use phone number whichever is best for you

• After this, make a payment of 45 us for 90 mins of tutoring. We can then schedule a formal appointment for math tutoring!

If you are under 18, please get permission from a parent or legal guardian to do this and to send the money. This person should be in your room during the lesson (for security/safety reasons). I would have to meet this person at the start of the webcam sesion, to verify you are allowed to be tutored by me.

The more notice you give me for an appointment, the better, since I am a very popular tutor. I can do "last minute" tutoring if my schedule is open, so just send me a message and ask about my availability. weekend ( Friday to sunday) and early morning are my best times for tutoring.

To get even more out of the sessions, it is helpful if you can provide me with scanned images or PDF files of examples of what you need to know (like quizzes, handouts, chapter exercises and sample tests).

I also HIGHLY recommend you take some time to go over ALL the free math videos I have on this website, since they provide a good foundation to do well in arithmetic and algebra.

I mainly work during the weekend with 90 mins session by day at cost of 45 us